22 March 2018
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22 March 2018, Comments 0

I am fascinated by the power of a simple email newsletter to grow a business. I am also fascinated by the fact that most businesses don’t pay much attention to theirs. It’s an afterthought. A poor cousin. ‘Give it to the intern.’ And yet, newsletters are one of the most cost-effective ways of talking to your customer that a business can ever have.

But only when they’re done right. With skill, with a strategy, with a methodology, they become one of the most effective instruments in your digital toolbox. They build community. They build your brand. And they relentlessly build long-term growth.

I have seen how a simple newsletter built my business, and so I have no doubt it can build yours. Like anything, it requires effort and some smart thinking, but if you take the time and make a commitment, it will help to transform your business.

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